First Responder’s Starter Stole

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 This black chaplain’s stole is perfect for use when preaching the word in the church, officiating over weddings, during hospital visitations, nursing home ministry, evangelism. It is double lined with the finest regal Tricot fabric.

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This First Responder’s Starter Stole is great for a minister interested in adding a stole their clergy attire.  It is priced very reasonably so they can try out the look and feel of wearing one within the context of their ministry. 


This black stole is perfect for use by chaplains, first responders, and inter-city outreach. It is double lined with the finest regal Tricot fabric.


  • Tricot features an exceptional weave; thereby, rendering a silky smooth outer layer, with texture on the other side. The benefit is a soft fabric which remains sturdy.  The NACM Cross Insignia is silk screened and sealed by a heat press; offering a visual contrast between the satin and the official NACM logo.


  • The main width measures at the high end standard 5’’, and enjoys an extra-long length of 72’’ –as opposed to the typical 62’’.


  • Bearing the resemblance of the traditional stole of honor, both ends are arrow tipped, and upgraded with a V-neck for stability and comfort.



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