Official Fellowship Pin

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The National Association of Christian Ministers is pleased to announce the availability of the Official Fellowship Pin of our ministerial association. The purpose of this limited item is to offer a symbol of identification with the purpose,…

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We are pleased to announce the NEW RELEASE of the Official Fellowship Pin of the National Association of Christian Ministers


This prestigious item was designed to offer our ministers a symbol by which to display their identification with the purpose, vision, and membership of our ministerial association.  Members may wear it as a testimony of the glorious works that God is doing in, among, and through each of us.


The creation of the Fellowship Pin required a considerable amount of planning and revision through the course of the project. We believe the end result is a an item that is both unique and worthy of representing this international ministry to the world.


Each Fellowship Pin is 1 1/4″ in diameter, 2 millimeters in thickness, and approximately 1/2 ounce in weight.


The highest quality heat cured enamel has been used for contrast and legibility along with a unique 3D molding process for the center emblem insert.


A jewelry quality clasp has been used to insure secure retention on the affixed garments. A center offset pin design insures the pin will remain in its proper legible position and not spin when worn.


Every measure has been taken to present an item of superior quality and excellence in craftsmanship.